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How To Dress For Picture Day

1. Avoid wearing green, bold patterns, slogans, or logos on shirts or blouses. Select clothing that makes your child feel their very best!

2. Let your child relax and enjoy Picture Day! Whatever hairstyle suits you and your child is okay with Studio 1.

3. While glasses can reflect light, Studio 1 photographers will do their very best to reduce or eliminate glare. To ensure 100% glass-glare-free pictures, select the retouching option. Studio 1 retouching will also reduce skin blemishes too!

4. Parent volunteers and school staff will assist your child in grooming their hair (disposable combs are used and never used on more than 1 child). Mirrors are also available to double-check that everything is just right before taking their picture.

5. Studio 1 photographers are trained to bring out your child's personality. We will do our very best to earn your satisfaction and achieve that "perfect look" for your child.

Do You Issue Change At The Photography Area?

We are sorry but there will not be change available on the day of photography. A voucher will be issued for future orders.

Why should I pre-order?

Pre-ordering ensures you will receive your order in a timely manner and at lower cost. All pre-orders are sent to the school to go home with your child. You will not be charged for shipping.

I missed the deadline to order.

For Fall Picture Day only, your school office will send us the order form if it is submitted within the next 3 days. You can also order online as there will be a 3-day grace period before the pre-ordering page expires.

For Spring Picture Day, late orders can only be accepted if your child was photographed. Generally, only those children with payment (online or with a money envelope) are photographed on Spring Picture Day.

Can I still order after picture day?

Fall Picture Day orders can be placed online or by phone after Fall Picture Day. Fall pictures are available to order throughout the year. Unless otherwise noted, a shipping and handling fee of $8.00 will apply to all orders.

Spring picture orders can only be placed after Spring Picture Day by phone or by mailing your payment to Studio 1. Your child must have been photographed on Spring Picture Day! Unless otherwise noted, a shipping and handling fee of $8.00 will apply to all orders.

Is There A Make-Up Day?

A Make-Up Day is available for fall pictures only. If you are not satisfied with your order, you may choose to have a make-up picture completed at no charge. All products carry a 100% money-back guarantee.

Can I Get A Copyright Release?

A copyright release is only available with the purchase of the digital image. The digital image may be in the form of a digital download or a USB stick. A copyright release will be included with either method.

Will I get a Class Picture?

A complimentary 8x10 class picture will be included with any order that you purchase. The class picture may be delivered at a later date.

Why do I need to wait for my class picture?

Generally, class composite pictures are delivered just prior to the winter break. While this may seem like incredibly long delivery time, class composites include those children who received make-up pictures (completed close to the winter break). Finally, an extensive proofing process takes place by your student's teacher ensuring 100% accuracy in the final product.

Can I view my child's photo?

Your child's photos will be available to view 4-5 weeks after Picture Day. You would need a Key Code to access your photo.

How long do you keep the portraits?

All portrait files are kept for a maximum length of 12 months.

Do you have any discounts?

Unfortunately, due to our large volume, we cannot accept changes in the size, quantity, style, or pricing of our products. We strive to produce a quality product with mass appeal across a broad spectrum of requirements.

Where is Studio 1 Located?

9060 Rancho Park Court

Rancho Cuamonga, CA 91730


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