Frequently Asked Questions (Elementary & Middle Schools)


I pre-ordered. When will I receive my Pictures?

Pre-orders will be shipped to the school in approximately 4-5 weeks after picture day. If you ordered before the deadline(up to 72 hours after picture day), it is considered a pre-order. 

I ordered late and paid shipping. When will I receive my Pictures?

If you missed the deadline to pre-order, you will still need to wait 4-5 weeks after picture day before the order is ready to be shipped to you. You will then need to wait an additional 1-2 weeks before you receive your order in the mail.

If I ordered online, do I need to turn in an order form?

You do not need to turn in an order form if you paid online, you just need to show up on picture day. Please make sure you fill out the information correctly online so we match your student to the order.

Why is the price higher online?

You may see a higher price online than on the order form. This is to cover the cost of processing credit/debit card transactions. You will see that you are getting charged tax, or a shipping fee if you ordered late. To avoid any additional fees, you may turn in your order form with cash or check to the photographer on picture day.

When can I view my photos online?

Your photos will be uploaded on our website in approximately 4-5 weeks after picture day. 

Once the photos are available, you will receive a second opportunity form at school, with the student key code, to view your pictures online.

How long will the photos be available on your website?

Photos will be available throughout the school year until next school year's Fall Season. Shipping fees will apply.

When do I get my class photo?

A complimentary class photo is included for every purchase per child. This will come later in the school year as we wait for all photos to be taken and corrections to be made.

Because it is complimentary, it cannot be substituted. Class photos are for elementary schools only. If you did not receive a class photo, your school may have opted out of receiving them.

I ordered an accessory and have not received it.

If you ordered a caricature drawing or growth chart, due to the additional labor and packaging, it may be sent to you at a later date.

How do I get my digital download? Do I get a copyright release?

Once you purchase a digital download, you will be emailed instructions on how to download it. You can visit the "View My Order" page, and download your photo there. Digital downloads are released of all copyright. You can use your email confirmation as proof of purchase.

How can I retake my photo?

Most schools will schedule a makeup day for any students that missed picture day or needs to retake their photo. If you received your photo and are not happy with it. You can return it to the photographers to get the makeup package at no charge. Pre-ordering may be reopened briefly online.

I received a second order form even though I already purchased.

A second order form may be sent to you to order for makeup day. This will provide the new date for makeup day and give you an opportunity to purchase or reorder your school pictures.

Where's my school code?

The school code is located on the top of the flyer, right below the school name. It is a 4 digit code, and is used to access your school page and pre-order.

No one will answer my call.

Due to the high volume this year, you might not get through to us on the phone. Your best option is to leave us a text and wait for a reply, (413) 287-1234. Please understand if we don't respond right away.

Why does it take so long to get my pictures?

We understand how important the photos are to you. We are working hard to get your photos to you. Please know that there is a production process to produce the correct order at the best quality, we appreciate your patience.

What is the resolution of the photos?

The photo resolution is approximately 300 dpi on an 8x10. The exact resolution can vary depending on how much the photo was cropped and the size of the photo. 

Who do I make the check payable to?

You can make checks payable to Studio 1. Please make sure the correct amount is calculated, and all the information on the form is correct. Any error may result in a delay of receiving your order.

What are your hours and where are you located?

Our studio is open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. Our staff takes an hour lunch from 12-1pm.

Our address is 

9060 Rancho Park Ct.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730


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